Friday, April 21, 2017

Research Topic

I choose this topic because I don't think people should be judged because of their skin color or religion because they can't choose what color they will be when they are born and their parents choose the religion and they have no say in how they will be born. They shouldn't be judged because of the religion they are because it's their beliefs and you might have different beliefs than they do but that doesn't make you different. They might not like your beliefs or might not think the same thing but most of them don't say anything back to you even though you just offended them for being different than you are. I also choose this topic because I think bystanders can do something to prevent racism and help the people that are being judged for skin color or religion. If you hear someone saying something racist to someone with a different or religion go and tell the person to stop and talk to the other person or go and tell a adult.

Monday, March 20, 2017

difference between a fan and a belieber

 Justin was riding his motorcycle and some fans went up to him and started to shove their phones in his faces even though he told them to please put their phones away because he doesn't like it when he meets  fans  and all they do is take pictures or videos of instead of actually talking to him. When he was riding his motorcycle he fell off and nobody even tried to help him get up when he was struggling because the motorcycle was on his foot and he couldn't get it off  they just stood their taking pictures and videos of him. While he was staying at a house fans found out and they went and started knocking and screaming his name so he would go outside  while he was sleeping and when he came out and told them to please be quiet because he was trying to sleep but they kept on yelling then when he told them to go home some  of the fans posted on instagram how he is  so rude and he doesn't care about them.  

If a belieber was there and he told them to put their phone away the would do what he says instead of shoving their phone in his face and yelling at him. If a belieber saw him fall they would try to help him instead of taking pictures and videos of him. If Justin told a belieber to please be quiet they would be quiet or if he told them to go home they would go home. If Justin told a belieber to go home they wouldn't go on instagram and post how mean he is to them because he told them to go home and how he doesn't love them  but he told them to so he could get sleep and so they could get sleep too so they wouldn't be tired in the morning. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

what to write about when you don't know what to write about

1. Write about something  you like to do like watching Netflix or sleeping
2. Write about Justin Bieber cause you know he's awesome  and hes Justin Bieber
3.Dogs or cats but dogs are better
4. Ships
5. People you like
6.People you don't like
7.About you biggest mistake
8.About your happiest moments
9.About your saddest moments
10.About your boring moments

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Reasons I Hate being Sick

1.When I am in a quiet room I have to cough loud
2.When the teacher is talking and you start to cough they have to wait until you are done coughing
3.You have to stay home and you don't know what to do
4. If you stay home you have a lot of homework to do the next day
5.You have to drink a lot of water
6.You get tired really fast and early
7.You sometimes can't breath out of your nose
8.You have to get up during class a lot to blow your nose
9.You sometimes wake up coughing
10.You sometimes wake up your little brother and sister and they start to cry and your mom gets mad

Monday, January 30, 2017

Top 5 things to watch on Netflix

1.The Vampire Diaries it is a really good show there usually is a cliffhanger at the end of the episode that will make you want to watch more. I usually stay up late watching the Vampire Diaries but I have to remind myself to go to sleep because I have to wake up early for school.
2.Grey's Anatomy is sad but sometimes it can be funny to make you laugh when something bad happens. There is a lot of drama between Christina, Meredith and Derrick like if Meredith and Christina are fighting about Meredith and Derrick spending too much time together and not talking to Christina or when Meredith talks about her drama with Derrick to Christina when she has a lot of problems in her life that she cant talk to Meredith about because she has to listen to Meredith's drama.
3.If you like Justin Bieber then you should watch Never Say Never because it brings back memories when he was small and not a lot of people judged for going to jail and making bad decisions. In the movie it tells about how he became famous over YouTube  and how he was the youngest singer to play at Madison Square Garden and sold out.
4. If you want to watch another Justin Bieber movie you can watch Believe the movie. In the movie he explain how much he cried when Avalana (she was a fan that Justin met a couple days before she died and they talked everyday) died he even cried  during the movie and people judged him for crying about someone that he loves that died.
5.Switched at birth is about these two girls that were born at the same time day and hospital and this nurse accidentally switch the rooms when taking the babies back and when the parents find out when they are 16 they move in by each other and one of them is deaf but she has hearing aids and she goes to a deaf school. She tries to go to a normal school but she almost burnt down the school when she was is a cooking class and she didn't hear the timer ring to take out the food then she got someone to help her around school but she got tired of someone always following her so she went to a deaf school. Then the on that can hear was bullied at her school so she decided to go to a deaf school after she learned to sign and she fell in love with one of the deaf kids there. But then she found out that the deaf one likes him too after they were dating.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Why I love Justin Bieber

1.He is a nice person
2.Cares about his Beliebers (or his fans)
3.He doesn't care what people think about him
4.He never gave up on his dreams before he was famous and he still hasn't gave up on the dreams he has right now
5.He cares about his family
6.He is a really good singer
7.Justin tries to spend as much time with his sister and his brother
8.Once when he was smaller and he  he hurt his leg really bad that he had to go to the hospital during the concert but instead he decided to finish his concert
9.He used to surprise his Beliebers when they were at home
10.He tries to get to know his Beliebers  when he has the chance
11. Justin cried when one of his Beliebers  died her name was Avalanna
12.He used to do One Less Lonely Girl where his

Monday, January 9, 2017

Top 5 favorite Justin Bieber songs

1.Purpose is one of my favorite songs. He wrote this song because he has had hard times in life and sings how he survived.
2.Sorry he wrote this song because he is apologizing to the people he hurt or he left.
3.Mark My Words he wrote this song to tell the people he promised to tell them he still remembers the promise and that he will still do what he promised.
4. The song Children he wrote for the children that don't have money or homes.
5. Company it is one of my because it is really good